Dry January – Day 1735

For many, January is a month of change. After all the excess of Christmas and New Year you may be ready to give up the booze for a while. Dry January is the UK’s 1-month alcohol-free challenge. I have attempted this many times in the past before giving the booze up for good.

I have to tell you I was never very good at Dry January. I would white knuckle it through, constantly looking for an excuse to drink. It was always miserable and I always gave up about two weeks in.

The reason I wasn’t any good at Dry January in the past was because I never planned properly. I had no idea what I was going to do when my resolve started to crumble and a craving hit. I just thought I was weak.

It felt like my body and mind – my whole being – wanted to take a break from alcohol, I just didn’t know how to do it successfully.

I have just finished a quick article on soberthinking.com called Dry January. I give some practical tips and support to anyone thinking about taking a month off the booze. Check it out below.

In the past, I have attempted Dry January many times but only managed to stay the course for about two weeks before I would make up an excuse to drink.

Heard of any of these?

“I’ve got a party to go to next week”

“2 weeks is enough time to detox”

“I’ll have a drink tonight and tag an extra day on at the end of the month”

These are all just excuses.

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Mrs Mac x

2 thoughts on “Dry January – Day 1735

  1. I’m also glad to no longer be resolving to drink less in 2021. It never worked for me. Too many excuses. Much denial.

    Being alcohol free 365 days a year is simplest. That’s how joy starts.

    Happy new year!

    Stillness and peace

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  2. Yes, it seems like the missing element in these one month trials is that it is viewed by the participant as a period of time to get through and there is no mindset shift that accompanies it. It’s a step in the right direction though, for some. 💕


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