Dry January – Day 1735

For many, January is a month of change. After all the excess of Christmas and New Year you may be ready to give up the booze for a while. Dry January is the UK’s 1-month alcohol-free challenge. I have attempted this many times in the past before giving the booze up for good.

I have to tell you I was never very good at Dry January. I would white knuckle it through, constantly looking for an excuse to drink. It was always miserable and I always gave up about two weeks in.

The reason I wasn’t any good at Dry January in the past was because I never planned properly. I had no idea what I was going to do when my resolve started to crumble and a craving hit. I just thought I was weak.

It felt like my body and mind – my whole being – wanted to take a break from alcohol, I just didn’t know how to do it successfully.

I have just finished a quick article on soberthinking.com called Dry January. I give some practical tips and support to anyone thinking about taking a month off the booze. Check it out below.

In the past, I have attempted Dry January many times but only managed to stay the course for about two weeks before I would make up an excuse to drink.

Heard of any of these?

“I’ve got a party to go to next week”

“2 weeks is enough time to detox”

“I’ll have a drink tonight and tag an extra day on at the end of the month”

These are all just excuses.

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Mrs Mac x