Loneliness in Sobriety – Day 1650

It’s officially Autumn here the United Kingdom. The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are starting to change colour.

Although lockdown restrictions are continuing, my kids are back at school. I am pleased about this as it gives my kids routine and a sense of normality. Besides from the obvious academic benefits, I believe it will be good for their mental health and developing social skills too.

I am enjoying my new routine too. The house is definitely quieter with the kids at school and it allows me to concentrate better on my new website. Moreover, I am more patient and present when my kids come home. Bonus.

Unfortunately, we have recently been hit with stricter ‘local’ lockdown measures in my part of the UK. These new local measures restrict us from visiting friends and family at the moment which is disappointing. Nevertheless, I remind myself to focus on what I can control not what I cannot. Which, by the way, is still the single best bit of wisdom I have gained during my sobriety journey!

Luckily, I did have a great night out not long before the restrictions came into effect at an outdoors Bongo’s Bingo event. Despite my initial reservations (will it just be full of drunk people???) it turned out to be a fantastic evening, full of bingo, music and laughs. No alcohol was required.

I wrote about my night out and my attempt to start losing my Lockdown Belly (which is still a working progress) on my website soberthinking.com. I’ve included links below.

I also want to share with you my latest article called Loneliness in Sobriety.  I talk about the dangers of loneliness in early sobriety and ways of combating loneliness, even if you’re not a people person. 

Did you know the emotional feelings of loneliness can benefit you too? I look back on my own experience of feeling lonely and not feeling understood in early sobriety and see it now as a necessary evil.

Without this baseline feeling, I would never have known what I wanted or needed to move forward and evolve. You can read the full article here.

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I don’t send out newsletters very often so you’ll not get bombarded. It’s just a way of letting you know when I have put out a new article or diary post.

Mrs Mac x

4 thoughts on “Loneliness in Sobriety – Day 1650

  1. It is a funny loneliness. Part of it is being home so much more, I think…

    One of my kids is back in school, the other working at home. I’m working from home again too, until November 2 barring any new covid changes. I love it.

    I think fall also feels lonely as it is such a dramatic change of seasons to one of rest. Less light.

    I’ll check out your other blog. I am forever considering the quarantine weight…but isn’t he end I am single, have zero interest in dating and almost 49. I might just enjoy my extra cake and softness.



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    1. Thank you Anne. You are totally right, the source of loneliness is sometimes very hard to pinpoint. Change in seasons and change in routine can all contribute.
      My Lockdown Belly hasn’t changed but I feel better when I at least try to curb the biscuit eating haha

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