Time to Share

Hello everyone.

I haven’t been posting on here lately for two reasons.

1. I haven’t felt I needed too.

2. I have been focusing on a project of mine that I’ve always wanted to do called soberthinking.com

Today, I am 1578 days sober. Which is 4 years, 3 months and 25 days. I have loved blogging my way through the ups and downs of my sobriety. Writing has always been and will always be the most effective tool in my sobriety toolbox.

Oh, writing and you lot, my friends in the bloggersphere! You lot understand and accept that we cannot control our drinking and have found a better way instead. Rather than tirelessly controlling our drinking, we have created a better life which does not even involve alcohol at all.

Since stopping drinking on 1 April 2016, I have never felt more awake and in touch with life and the people around me. Yes, it was hard in the beginning but you keep going and you gain some sober momentum and it gets easier and easier. Then comes a time when you suddenly look back and realise you’ve never thought about drinking for months and you realise your living your best life and you don’t miss alcohol at all.

I like the person I am today and I have been spending the last couple of months putting together a website so I can blog there instead. It is also place I can write articles about aspects of sobriety I find interesting.

I’m by no means an expert on sobriety. I only have my personal experience and knowledge acquired through reading. However, if sharing my personal sobriety journey or articles can help just one person struggling with alcohol feel less alone, it will be worth it.

My website is call soberthinking.com It is a working progress but I am happy with what I have achieved so far. Please check it out. I’m happy for you to share this and if you want to get in touch directly, you can do here

Eternally grateful to you all

Mrs Mac x



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