I Would Kick Ass in a Zombie Apocalypse – Day 1275

I’m binge watching ‘The Walking Dead’ at the moment (from the start). Yes, I know I’m 10 years behind everyone else. (Better late than never eh). Anyway,  I’m absolutely loving it and cannot help thinking I would truly kick ass and be one of the survivors.

The main reason is because I’m sober! How many people do you think would run for the bottle, have a few beers to cope or shots to give them ‘dutch courage’? I know loads of people who would do just that. However, I do not think that would help them, but rather slow them down and cloud their judgement, don’t you?.

If they did survive the initial wave of zombies and managed to get to a safe place. How long do you think they would last? They would eventually run out of alcohol, it would become harder to find and riskier to get. If they hadn’t already got themselves killed trying to scavenge for alcohol or drunkenly fending off the zombies, (to name a few drunken dumb zombie apocalypse ways to die) they would soon have to start living without alcohol.

And here is another advantage I have. I already know how to successfully live without alcohol. While their brains are still adapting to an alcohol free life (saying they survived this long) I would be clear minded and more sure of myself. I believe, I would be better able to cope mentally, as I have already learned how to deal with my emotions without alcohol and I have strategies to help me focus and stay strong when facing adversity.

In a nutshell, I would kick ass because getting sober has shown me that I can face my fears and overcome difficult situations. If looked after properly, my mind and body are amazingly adaptive and strong. Strong enough to survive a zombie apocalypse. Just another reason to get sober and stay sober 🙂


Easier Sober – Day 1262

Sunday night, which means washing, uniform ironing, kids showers and last minute homework and stories. On Sunday’s I used to start drinking late afternoon and continue through to bedtime. It was my way of making Sunday night chores more ‘fun’.

I look back now and realise the reality was far from fun. I would run around trying to get everything done while quaffing wine. I would resent all the jobs because it would take me away from putting my feet up and drinking my wine in peace. I would be angry at my husband for not helping, though I’d never ask for help. I was such a martyr. I’d create this uber busy evening because I felt I could justify my drinking if I was busy.

By the time the kids were in bed, I would rush through their story time, more tired than I should be, just wanting more wine. Once I finally finished my Sunday night chores, I would already be a bottle of wine down. I would be totally unproductive by this time. I would be tired and grouchy and feel as if Monday morning was coming faster than I’d like.

Today, its a totally different story. I still have all the same Sunday night chores. I do them without much thought. My kids and husband chip in and help, because I ask. It doesn’t take too long because I am focused and not distracted with imbibing as much wine as I can. I am present and I give everyone some attention before bed.

Once I am finished, I’m not so tired. I have time to relax and enjoy the the rest of my evening either reading, blogging or watching a movie, anything really. Monday comes but I’m rested and ready.

I know which Sunday afternoon/evening I prefer.

Tonight, my jobs are done, it’s 9PM and i’ve got my feet up with a cup of Green Tea and Lemon while writing this blog.