Summer Holiday Chaos – Day 483

Well week one of the kids summer holidays is nearly over. Good part is no work or school for 6 whole weeks, downside is how much I love my routines… which are non existent at the moment. I looked back at my blog posts from this time last year. I was just over 100 days and was struggling with my lack of routine then and I posted about the need for me to just go with the flow! 

I usually have a good life balance that works well for me. However, when the kids break up for the holidays, my balance is turned into chaos!  I do recognise that my kids can be a trigger for me (wow that sounds shitty) I think it’s because I forget my own self care when I’m with them 24/7 during the hols. I become chief carer, cook, cleaner, entertainer, referee… the list goes on. I’m planning on adding some me time into these holidays to restore the balance.

 I’m chilling on the sofa writing this on my phone while the kids are upstairs watching a movie. It just gives me some quiet in my head.  I’ve also have an afternoon catching up with friends tomorrow while Mr Mac watches the kids. I will be planning another catch up with friends later in the holidays for my sanity!

 I have also started joggging with my Son. We’re doing the Couch to 5k fitness app together. It’s great doing this with him. As a mum of a Tween, it’s nice to see him out his bedroom! 

We also had a family night at the cinema last night which was fun for all of us, the kids felt very grown up. We need to do more of this. It’s too easy to be stuck in the house on an evening. I need to add in a few date nights with Mr Mac and the balance will/can be restored!!! 

So Day 483, in short I’m feeling a bit out of sorts with my lack of routine but I recognise this and I’m putting things in place for a sober, happy summer holidays. Being sober has enabled me to understanding myself better and it has let me figure out what I need to do to be happy and a better me for everyone! X