The World of Booze – Day 193

I have been getting annoyed with social media lately. Everything seems to be alcohol related.

Come join the PTA, we always have procecco at our meetings”.

“Be kind to your Niece’s and Nephew’s, you’ll need them one day to smuggle wine into your nursing home.”

And the best one was seeing an advert for a Gin Advent Calendar. Seriously a miniature bottle of gin in each window!

It just seems to be everywhere at the minute. While it was annoying me, I sat and thought why. Why does it bother me? Is it because I cannot drink, is it resentment? I think a small part of it is. I cannot drink anymore. I know I can’t. You see, I can’t just have 1 glass of procecco at the PTA meeting, I’d have the bottle or more. I love the idea of smuggling wine into the nursing home when I get older but feel anxious that I’d have to rely on someone else getting it for me as it would never be enough. As for the gin advent calandar, well you’d have to admit you had a problem if you bourght that, plus I’d probably cheat and open all 24 windows in the first few days 😁.

So yes I sometimes feel resentment that I cannot drink. BUT…. who would want to be that person anyway? I think a bigger part of me gets pissed off that everyone else needs this amount of booze in their lives and they don’t think they have a problem. It seems even normie drinkers taint every social setting with alcohol. When did the human race get so inept at doing anything without the social crutch that is booze.  Who said booze is cool? Its NOT. It doesnt make people funny or clever.  I totally get that I’m being very self righteous here as a newly sober person.

I had to give up alcohol because I became addicted to it. As hard as that has been to accept and as hard as it has been to get sober and stay sober. Im starting to see it as the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m in that percentage of people on planet earth who are living their life for real and that rocks!

So maybe I’m pissed off with social media because I’m still harbouring some resentment that I cannot drink but I think it is because social media is brain washing people into believing alcohol is cool and must be consumed, thus resulting in people missing out on what would have been a great sober life……  just my thoughts…