Addicted to Sugar – Day 140

I know there are many of us who eat a lot of chocolate/sugar when we quit drinking. I was no different. I would munch through several chocolate biscuits and  pinch the kids haribos through the day. On an evening I’d pig out on malteasers etc (I’d always have something to hand). I didn’t mind. I was happy to do anything to keep the cravings at bay and it worked.

Now my cravings have settled but I am still eating a lot and i mean a lot of chocolate. I ate half a family size bag of galaxy minstrels just before bed the other day and woke up with a horrendous headache that lasted all day! I fear my chocolate eating has got out of control. I’m not eating it to stave off a craving anymore, I’m eating out of habit. Today I am going to do something about it. Nothing too drastic, I’m not cutting it out completely, just going to keep an eye on how much I am consuming. I still think cake and chocolate are essential to my sobriety hahaha. We have to have some treats right?

So today, i tackle my addiction to chocolate and I learn to moderate 😁. It cannot be as hard as giving up alcohol…. I’ll let you know how it goes.


8 thoughts on “Addicted to Sugar – Day 140

  1. Good luck! I have found my chocolate/sugar intake escalating out of habit as well. Time for me to tackle new habits as well!


  2. In my mind you can moderate! You only had half the bag!
    My parents now keep all the chocolate and biscuits in their room so I can binge late at night when I’m tired. It got that bad :/ I still eat way too much but at least not as bad as before…
    Good luck!!!!


  3. The struggle is real over here too! I’m eating cold pizza for breakfast. The carb cravings are through the roof. And dessert is essential when I eat out. Something to reward myself for no drinky. At some point, this has got to get under control. Such a domino effect!


  4. Me too, but being so early in sobriety I don’t want to tamper too much. Worrying about my weight has been key to some of my previous lapses. For now I’ve decided that so long as my jeans just about fasten without an elastic band I’ll just put it on the back burner for now. Good luck. I know I’ll have to tackle it too at some point.


  5. I am so addicted to chocolate and sugar, with about 140 days as well. And it’s increasing! I am now substituting cheesecake for meals. Cold turkey is impossible to sustain, but one of my friends told me to try to substitute watermelon. Hmmm…. doesn’t sound that great.

    Ironically, I am on a low-carb diet, so sugar is the only “bad” card I eat. If you want to motivate yourself to change, rent “That Sugar Film.” It’s a really funny but convincing documentary on sugar. I’ve watched it twice but may need to watch it again. ; )


  6. Try and replace it. If you feel unhappy or your sobriety is at risk, eat chocolate.
    You have lots of time to figure that out…and I does on its own for most people.
    140 days is a short time…allow yourself to enjoy your treats.


  7. Thank you for the reality check. 140 days is a short time in the grand scheme of things. I have cut back on binge eating chocolate. I think I was getting into a bad habit. I still treat myself almost daily though so there’s no risk to my sobriety 😃. Xxx


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