I Need to Check In – Day 125

I’m still here and still sober but I have found it extremely difficult to post or even read any blogs since the kids broke up for their summer holidays. Routines are well and truly out the window. At first I loved the freedom of the holidays and not thinking too much about the soberverse or my blog. However, over the past few days I have missed it and I think I need it. I feel on edge sometimes. I don’t want to drink and I’m not going to but I feel off balance.

When i feel a craving or i just want to treat myself I’ll still eat lots of chocolate and drink my cranberry, lime & soda. I’ll also have an early night or watch a movie.  However, I guess a more maintenance part of my sober toolbox was blogging, reading and commenting in this soberverse and listening to the bubble hour maybe once or twice a week. I never felt like i had to do this, i just enjoyed it and it kept me in the here and now. It kept me sane haha.

I will have to carve out more time during these holidays to  blog and read/listen more. This soberverse is important to my recovery.  It helps me grow mentally and emotionally. It keeps me balanced and it prevents the cravings and self doubt.

I feel more at peace just writing this out.

Right, off to check out some other blogs, I’ve got a lot to catch up on!

9 thoughts on “I Need to Check In – Day 125

    1. I have the whole of the holidays off with the kids. Our holidays have just started, week2 of their 6week holidays. We will find our groove soon. With a little more time for bloggi ng x


  1. Nice to see you check in.. It’s felt quiet in blogshere.. I’m trying to anchor my days with blog time as the holidays seem to run away with me and I always try to do too much. 125 days – that’s a third of a year.. Well done!!

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  2. Dear Mrs. Mac,
    Summer throws me off a little bit too.
    When it’s cold and snowy, it’s easy to stay in and read and write.
    But our summer has been beautiful, and it’s nice to get out as much as we can!
    Enjoy your children!
    Happy 125 days!!!


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