Addicted to Sugar – Day 140

I know there are many of us who eat a lot of chocolate/sugar when we quit drinking. I was no different. I would munch through several chocolate biscuits and ¬†pinch the kids haribos through the day. On an evening I’d pig out on malteasers etc (I’d always have something to hand). I didn’t mind. I was happy to do anything to keep the cravings at bay and it worked.

Now my cravings have settled but I am still eating a lot and i mean a lot of chocolate. I ate half a family size bag of galaxy minstrels just before bed the other day and woke up with a horrendous headache that lasted all day! I fear my chocolate eating has got out of control. I’m not eating it to stave off a craving anymore, I’m eating out of habit. Today I am going to do something about it. Nothing too drastic, I’m not cutting it out completely, just going to keep an eye on how much I am consuming. I still think cake and chocolate are essential to my sobriety hahaha. We have to have some treats right?

So today, i tackle my addiction to chocolate and I learn to moderate ūüėĀ. It cannot be as hard as giving up alcohol…. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Just Go With The Flow – Day 133

Well I have made more of an effort this week with catching up and reading blogs. It has helped. The cravings, which were starting to become daily have calmed down and i just feel stronger in my sobriety again.

I have learned this week that I need to just go with the flow a bit more. I love to plan and i dont like it when my plans are changed. For example. The other day i planned a nice family dinner followed by a family movie night. However, part way through the day we were invited to a BBQ. My first reaction was “im not going” imagine proper stoppy teenager face. Needless to say, we went and it was fun, we even did our movie night the following day so win win. So why was my instinctive reaction to say No?

A few days later I was invited to a last minute kiddies birthday party. I debated for ages before eventually doing the right thing and letting them know i could come. Even though the mums were drinking prosecco at 3pm I still had a good catch up and enjoyed it! I felt really good that I did that for my kids and that I didn’t drink. I dread to thinking the mess the other mums would have been in later on that evening….

Anyway, ¬†I definately feel better this week. Mr Mac and I had a rare meal out last night, which is always good and I loved driving back home afterwards. It means we can go to so many more places that we wouldn’t have gone to in the past as it was tricky to get home from ¬†or too far/expensive for a taxi. Things are definitely feeling better, just need to go with the flow now…


I Need to Check In – Day 125

I’m still here and still sober but I have found it extremely difficult to post or even read any blogs since the kids broke up for their summer holidays. Routines are well and truly out the window. At first I loved the freedom of the holidays and not thinking too much about the soberverse or my blog. However, over the past few days I have missed it and I think I need it. I feel on edge sometimes. I don’t want to drink and I’m not going to but I feel off balance.

When i feel a craving or i just want to treat myself I’ll still eat lots of chocolate and drink my cranberry, lime & soda. I’ll also have an early night or watch a movie. ¬†However, I guess a more maintenance part of my sober toolbox was blogging, reading and commenting in this soberverse and¬†listening to the bubble hour maybe once or twice a week. I never felt like i had to do this, i just enjoyed it and it kept me in the here and now. It kept me sane haha.

I will have to carve out more time during these holidays to  blog and read/listen more. This soberverse is important to my recovery.  It helps me grow mentally and emotionally. It keeps me balanced and it prevents the cravings and self doubt.

I feel more at peace just writing this out.

Right, off to check out some other blogs, I’ve got a lot to catch up on!